Bannister Athletic Club

Club Policies


[[h3]]Welfare Policies[[/h3]] Our welfare policies can be accessed [[a href="/welfare"]]here[[/a]].

[[h3]]Member Policies[[/h3]] Member policies are available through the member portal.

If you are unable to access the member portal, please contact us on [[b]]free phone[[/b]] 0800 007 5000 or send an email.

Member Policies:

[[ul]][[li]]Anti-Bullying policy (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for Athletes (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct - Club (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for Coaches (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for parents (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for Team Managers (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct - Technical Officials (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for Contractors (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Code of Conduct for medical officers (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Managing Challenging Behaviour guidelines[[/li]][[li]]UKA Transgender Policy (2019)[[/li]][[li]]UKA Complaints Procedures (2019)[[/li]][[li]]Photographic Policy (2019)[[/li]][[/ul]]